Foto: Sund Vejle Fjord

Securing af Healthy Vejle Fjord

A Healthy Vejle Fjord

The Board of Directors of Vejle Ådal and Fjord will focus on following issues in order to improve the ecology and biodiversity of Vejle Fjord.

The conditions in Vejle Fjord are unwell and unbalanced! There is too much algae in the water, there are fewer fish in the Fjord, the bottom is covered with a thick layer of mud in many places, and the eelgrass has been significantly reduced compared to its original distribution. That is what the Nature and Environment Committee and the Board of Directors of Vejle Ådal & Fjord want to focus on in the coming years. Therefore, a project will be started in 2020-2024 with support from the Velux Foundation and Vejle Municipality. The Fjord Group (steering committee) under the Board of Directors of Vejle Ådal & Fjord and NMU has so far set itself some main objectives for the upcoming work. The project contains the following elements:

  1. Fjord check - examine the environmental conditions in Vejle Fjord:
  • Develop and secure continual gathering of knowledge which continuously can contribute to qualifying the relevance and effect of the project.
  • Preliminary data collection, analysis, and conclusion.
  • Ongoing scientific investigations and analysis
  1. Marine nature restoration - improve the environmental conditions of the fjord:
  • Initiate concrete actions aimed at improving the environment in Vejle Fjord
  • Planting of eelgrass
  • Establishment of stone reefs
  • Establishment of new mussel banks
  • Fishing of crabs

     3. Involvement and mobilisation:

  • Public participation and mobilization of the most important partners of Vejle Fjord. This work is coordinated by a Fjord group under the Board of Directors for Vejle Ådal and Fjord 
  • Campaigns and theme days
  • Conferences
  • Local involvement in the marine nature restoration

     4. Communication - visualise the environmental conditions of the fjord:

Through professional communication about the status, results and progress of the project, the goal is to create ongoing awareness and debate about the conditions of the fjord.

  • Exhibitions in Økolariet (a science museum in Vejle)
  • Film and use of social media
  • Articles and newsletters